About Me

Hello and welcome to my site! This is the part where I tell you a little about me... So I'm no longer a 20 something year old, live in a pretty decent flat in London and have a day job as a recruiter! Currently recruiting for Dentists so if you know any please send 'em my way!

A little more about me ...

I've written a book called 'London Ahmedabad' inspired by my India trip which you can check out on the 'Book' tab! I've put my first three chapters online! Enjoy! Let me know what you think?

I now probably blog occasionally but when I do, I'm all in! My favourite thing to blog about is the 9-5 life which you can find in the 'Office Truth' tab - Please feel free to like, comment and share! I'd love to hear from you all. 

My latest project if you haven't noticed is 'Riya Chai.' Definitely a jar for all you chai lovers out there! Scrap the expensive lattes and make it at home for a much more authentic taste with less calories! Try a sample 😉 

Thank you for visiting!