Riya Chai

So if you have been following my Instagram page you will know that I have a brand new project which involves CHAI! Can be used in teas, coffees, milkshakes, lattes and desserts! It’s a delicious recipe which I spent weeks perfecting in my kitchen 2018 and now I can proudly say it’s ready for purchase 🙂

The reason behind this is because YES I do love chai but I just couldn’t find the perfect masala chai in shops or online. It was either too strong of a tea spice OR I found the chai tea bag too weak. Without sounding like goldilocks I have made chai which is just right. It can be used instantly or made in a pan.


They make perfect gifts for friends, wedding favours and special occasions.

I can design a bespoke Jar and logo for all occasions.


How to make chai instantly –

1. Add honey (if you like your chai sweet) into a mug/cup and add 1/2-1 teaspoon of ‘riya chai’ along with the choice of your black tea bag.

2. Pour boiling water and cover the mug/cup with a small dish.

3. Let it brew for 3mins.

4. Add milk until the colour is right for you and stir well.

5. Enjoy the warm blend of spices.