Gujarati Food

319 Station Rd, Harrow HA1 2AA

Coming across this restaurant on the high street was an unexpected surprise which has somewhat become my regular joint. How can I explain it… so it’s not your swanky restaurant but more of a casual Indian café type place where quality authentic gujarati food is served for a good price. Being a fellow Indian (Gujarati) who lives out I occasionally miss mum’s food. Not Indian food because I can get that but mum’s cooking – there’s a difference. Everything I have tasted here is like it has come straight out of my mum’s fridge. It taste fresh, homemade and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated like other Indian restaurants.

Trade the chicken samosas, mixed grills and tikka masalas that day and opt for the authentic vegetarian dishes you will only ever find in the streets of Northern India and in… Harrow.

Nearest Station – Harrow on the Hill

Gujarati Thali for just £3.50

The curries changes everyday

Khadi and Pathra

Papdi no lot or some might call it Kitchi drizzled in chilli oil

Riya Write

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