Denmark – Copenhagen

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

The Scandinavians sure know how to Christmas and I will tell you how and why in this blog plus a few extra surprises! Welcome to my Christmas special 2017 – Denmark, Copenhagen!



I stayed in a modern apartment in Valby booked through Airbnb of course which was a couple of stops away from Copenhagen Central on the train. Copenhagen Central is really the main stop! – Everywhere is walking distance from this station.



I was lucky enough to see the famous and most talked about Nyvan during the day and also during the night! Christmas markets are lined up opposite the Lego like buildings in the evenings where they sell the most delicious mulled wine made with ginger, lemon and cinnamon. Definitely worth having a wander here as this is a one of a kind street that will make you feel all fuzzy inside 🙂



Freetown Christiania


I had no plans to come here nor had I heard about this place until I was in Copenhagen. It’s a relatively small town where people embrace the idea of true freedom. No rent, no taxes and no government BS! A completely chilled out vibe! Some have compared it to Camden Town in London but I’d say it’s an even different vibe, much more peaceful. Different types of cannabis is sold freely in a particular area of the town as well as different types of ‘hippy’ stalls which will make great souvenirs. People pretty much chill, relax and mind their own business. Christiania is nothing like the rest of Copenhagen and should be experienced. It’s like comparing Regents street to Brick Lane, in a good way though! I would have loved to take videos and pics to show you but it’s *strictly not allowed* which in a way is nice. Just let people be 🙂

This is what an inside of a Danish fridge looks like!

#verySaucy! Where’s the chilli sauce at?

 You have got to TRY THIS! I’m planning on ordering a few off Amazon if they have any.

Best water ever! It beats Evian any day!


Joe & The Juice!

I need to find out what the fuss is about. I mean if I could get £1 for every Joe & The Juice I saw out there in Copenhagen I probably could have made a tenner. Have you been?


Everyone cycles! They even have parking slots for bicycles in the trains so you can imagine how wide and spacious the carriages are!

Another thing which I found considerate in Copenhagen was the silent zone carriages on the trains. I accidentally went into one and started talking really loudly … oops!


 I still get excited when I see the one and only…


I found a gem of a place for all you writers out there and it’s called Espresso House! This place is just 30 seconds walk from Copenhagen Central and the most perfect set up to get your creative juices flowing. Impossible to get a writer’s block in here!

I was not a fan of the Danish Crepe/Pancake. The French have got the recipe spot on and no other country can compare … as of yet! What do you think? Right or wrong?

I came across ‘Det Gamle Apotek’ by wandering the streets of Copenhagen. The Christmas decorations on display really drew me in despite how badly I wanted to go back to the apartment because I remember really needing to pee. Lucky for me they had a customer toilet 🙂 but all that aside this store really is the ultimate mother of Christmas decorations! They have the best Christmas finds in here. Lights to fairies to baubles you name it. It’s a shame they don’t have this store in London. Exclusive to Copenhagen only.


Copenhagen spoil you with Christmas markets. Difficult to miss the bright lights in the evening!


Have you ever seen adverts where people go into another realm, turn into cartoon characters and have the time of their life in some kind of magical land? Well Tivoli is just that! As soon as you enter the Tivoli gardens you will turn childlike, playful and fascinated by everything around you. The place is so well decorated, organised and fun to even make a Grinch excited about Christmas. I could go on and on about how wonderful Tivoli is but I have made a video  especially for you instead! So this, my ladies and gentlemen is how Scandinavians Christmas!


  • There is a straight train from Copenhagen to Malmo (Sweden) which takes 40 mins.
  • The currency is Danish Krone not Euros.
  • The exchange rate is better at Copenhagen airport so exchange your monies there!!!
  • Danish traditional Christmas dinner is roast pork (back of the neck).

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