England VS Slovenia


No idea when a free kick happens, offside rule anyone? and approximately when is half time? But a friend of mine had a spare ticket to watch the England VS Slovenia match and it would have been a wasted opportunity not to go, plus Wembley stadium is only a bus ride away from me!

We got club level seats which meant a separate queue, free beers and a pretty decent view.

So from a non-football fan this is what I learnt from the England VS Slovenia match.

  • The footballers are in good shape. I need to hit the GYM and make use of my membership!
  • Bag of minstrels costs £4 – bring your own.
  • The fish and chips are boom! Try it.
  • The pitch intruder should have swapped with one of the England players. I mean he covered more green than any of them put together.
  • How much do the players earn again for less than 2 hours work???
  • We should have done the Mexican wave #onefornexttime
  • When you’re bored make paper planes and aim into the pitch for a cheer 🙂
  • Dads with their sons are too cute.
  • A yellow card is a tactile move to prevent goals from happening.
  • Going home part sucks! I hate being in a middle of large crowds.

The End

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