How NOT to be a Bad Boss


You’ve earnt the ‘Manager’ title and it’s now your turn to be BOSS! You’ve had training throughout your career but this is the only role you step into without a handbook. A chance to freestyle, lead and develop a single individual or a team based on your terms. Unfortunately or fortunately your managerial performance can’t be measured but there are many factors which can prove you are not a bad boss after all…

1). Your Style

As you already know employees rarely leave because of the company and more so because of management style. The good ol’ praise in public and criticise in private couldn’t be more true. Remember you are dealing with human beings with feelings so be respectful. Adapt a style which works for your team and not just for you. You want to come across as approachable and your staff want to feel valued.

2). Allow mistakes to happen

Don’t be a dick! How many times have you made a mistake?, missed something? or brushed a ‘slip up’ under the carpet? Let’s face it, mistakes happen in business. We’re not programmed to be robots but we can sure minimise mistakes from happening in the future and the only way to learn is by making them. Obviously there is a limit but every time you beat up an individual for trying to be better you’re only going to end up losing a good employee so think about your actions wisely.

3). Everyone is different

To bring out the best you need to understand that everyone is different and has their unique strengths. You’ve hired these guys for a reason so no point in comparing each other and having a favourite – that sets a bad tone. If you’re smart enough you will be able to identify their qualities and really utilise them to build a strong team. A team full of varied skill set is dangerous (in a good way). For example the robbery in Ocean’s Eleven wouldn’t have happened without a diverse cast. Think about it!

4). Have fun

Put in monthly team lunch in the diary or book an afternoon off every quarterly for team building. How about top golf? Bowling? Cricket match? Happy relationships amongst colleagues is an investment. If a client wants to take one of your team members for lunch then let them, if they want to hot desk on a different floor today then let them, If they want to take lead on a presentation then let them. You don’t always have to breathe over them, they can prioritise their time themselves, just trust them. Routine can drain the best of us so it’s important to have fun along the way.

5). Good Human Being

How nice would it be if years to come they look back and think what an AMAZING manager you were to them? Tell them your story, struggles, successes and help them with their journey. A trustworthy go to person for advice and opinion as well as a boss will sure be beneficial for self-development for both parties. Your staff will naturally want to work harder and Remember, knowledge/wisdom is to be shared not kept.

Riya Write

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