Interview Answers – If we could tell the truth…

Imagine if we had to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at our job interviews! Wouldn’t it go something like this…

Question No 1.

(i)What are your strengths?

I always deliver, I’m a team player and I work well under pressure.

THE TRUTH: I can have a full blown conversation on whatsaap using emojis, online shopping and I can drink a whole bottle of wine to myself any day of the week.

(ii)What are your weaknesses?

I find it hard to say no and sometimes take on more work than I should, public speaking and always double checking my work to make sure it is accurate.

THE TRUTH: The only thing I find hard to say no to is chocolate! Online shopping and getting my bumble dates to last.

Question No 2.

What motivates you?

A challenge motivates me. I like a challenging task and to be able to process it through from start to finish.

THE TRUTH: Holidays. Book me a holiday and I will finally make use of my gym membership and start eating kale.

Question No 3.

Give me an example of when you have been a team player?

Me and my colleagues had to work together on a particular presentation for our client. We took ownership on who will discuss which topic and split the time accordingly. We regularly met up and gave feedback to each other so we could constantly improve the presentation. Our client was really pleased with the end result and we are now currently taking on more projects with them.

THE TRUTH: The above didn’t happen. Well it did but it was at university and we had to present in front of our lecturer. I kept on missing the regular catch ups because I was so hung over so the team went ahead and presented without me. It cost me 5% of my overall mark.

Question No 4.

How did you get into this field?

I did an internship after university and really enjoyed my role. They offered me a permanent job which I then progressed further within this field.

THE TRUTH: I don’t know how? why? what? when? but please get me out! It was a complete mistake! I was young, naïve and now I’m trapped. It’s like a volatile marriage I should have never signed up to.

Question No 5.

Why do you want to work for us?

It is a reputable company within the market, I want to add value to the team and be part of your growing success.

THE TRUTH: If I’m honest I’ve never even heard of your company until my agency spoke to me about it and then I came across the job advert on Indeed. I only looked at the website this morning for the interview. I have two more interviews lined up this week which I’m more interested in because you guys pay child labour rates but I can’t exactly put all my eggs in one basket now can I?

Question No 6.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m currently learning Spanish, I do yoga twice a week and I enjoy eating out with my friends/family.

THE TRUTH: NOTHING! The 9-5 life sucks up all my energy and on top of that you expect me to have hobbies and interests??? Sorry but it’s Netflix and chill for me!

Question No 7.

If we offered you the role would you accept?

Yes! (Big smile). I really think I would be able to add value given my background and experience. The role sounds challenging and I’ve always wanted to work for an organisation like this. The office is only 30mins from where I live too which is perfect for me.

THE TRUTH: Yes! (Big smile). I’ve been living in my OD for as long as I can remember! I will scan in my P45 first thing tomorrow and give you my account and sort number so you can make that transfer ASAP!



I will leave this one for you to answer. Comment below…

Riya Write

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