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So many businesses speak, write and email in acronyms which makes stringing a full sentence seem like a thing of the past. It became apparent to me in a meeting with the hiring manager when he told me how he needs a SNM to join the team yesterday. SNM? I noted it down and acted like I knew what he was on about because Google sorts me out every time haha but then it clicked, SNM – Senior Manager. Why not just say that? I’m used to ‘FYI’ but didn’t realise there was now a dictionary of acronyms in the world of sleek suits, boring stationary cupboards and questionable perks, but then again time is money so I’m putting it down to efficiency! Let’s see whether you can crack these acronyms without googling…



Welcome on board. I will be your POC so please LMK if you need anything unless I’m IAM or OTP then feel free to IM me. Anything NWR can wait.

Could you advertise the BDM role, even if we do not see ROI from job boards at least we get the feel for the market. If you are unsure about the role ask the business as they will be happy to BID for you. We really need candidates at interview stage EOW so try not to be LIFO. Remember you’re not a PTE.

Unfortunately I will be LET, WFH tomorrow and OOO on Wednesday. I know you’re thinking WIIFM but we will negotiate a small fee if KPIs are met and it will be FWIW so try reaching out to your network even if it’s through WOM. If you find a strong candidate and get to a stage where you think DIKWIAD then don’t TYT, make sure you ALF to the candidate, don’t go OT and ABC. We can then progress the candidate to the HRBP. Good candidates are gold dusts.

I trust you know what is expected so NRN and just crack on.



How many did you crack?

Riya Write

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