Office Culture

1. Blame Culture

When no one takes responsibility for their mistake, f-up or a genuine bad decision. It’s always someone else’s fault because admitting to 1 of the above will make you like an inadequate member of staff. Blame the system, blame the managers, blame the IT guy, blame the weather, blame your husband… because someone has already blamed you along the way!


2. Face-time Culture

Exhausted, tired, given it your all today and you’d much rather start afresh tomorrow (you will be coming back) because … someone’s got bills to pay! BUT it’s 16.41 and your contracted hours are 9am-5pm. You’ve probably stayed behind so many times to make up for it but leaving now means you risk looking like a slacker and that office prat will definitely use the classic phrase – ‘Oh you only work part-time do ya?’ Sometimes sleeping with your eyes wide open will make you look like a worthy employee.

3. Email Culture

When the only way of working, directing, informing, praising and acknowledging is through emails. Even though they are sitting right behind you! Being proactive is difficult in an email culture environment because there’s simply no time! Everyone is too busy being reactive to emails which ends up becoming a day job and missing an important email could cost you. ‘Check your emails!’


4. Flexible work Culture

Suits those of us who want a work life balance – so that’s all of us then! You can literally work naked in the comfort of your own home. Don’t abuse the system though because not everyone gets the freedom of being treated like a responsible adult. Make sure your work reflects the 9-5 hours you put in before it’s too late and you’re back into an open plan trap! Flexibility is great, not only for working mums but for our health and wellbeing! So no excuses for you to miss that gym class!


5. Work hard, play harder

Unrealistic KPIs, MEETING, high expectations, tight deadlines, MEETING, logging in at 9pm, MEETING, keeping on top of 100+ emails, MEETING, working through lunch, MEETING… no wonder why we live for the weekends. Getting hammered every Friday night with your besties at work always is the perfect reward. Actually, Thursdays are the new Fridays right? And paydays are the best nights!

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