Office Hierarchy

I do find working in an office on an allocated desk for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month a strange way of making the pennies. I know, even after several years of office life I still haven’t fully adjusted to that environment. Whoever invented this style of institute is a pure genius and I want to meet them so I CAN SLAP THEM! ‘How can they call this the real world?’ Having said that the office life wouldn’t be half as interesting if it wasn’t for the office hierarchy. Oh Yes! The different types of titles which people go by in an office so we can identify their position and importance within a company. Let’s start off with The


There are two types …

1). The down to earth types who will treat you like their equal. No fuss, just normal and the most chilled out people to deal with.


2). The plain Arseholes! Too important to care and will most definitely drop you in if you’ve done something wrong so be wary.


The one that sits by the door is a right moody one so never ask her for favours. The one on the left will actually book meeting rooms so you don’t have to (YAY!). She will even give you the heads up on any cancellations so wait till she gets into the office.

Assistant Managers

Suffers from Middle child syndrome! Not quite there yet but not quite there either. Still has to prove themselves so naturally they will be annoying so they can get noticed and heard.

The Cleaners

They secretly must have the best job going because they are so happy and always have time to chinwag with us!


Virgins of the corporate world. They probably still believe Santa exists so handle with care.


Huge respect! I don’t know what they do but it doesn’t matter, as soon as they email for ANYTHING you drop EVERYTHING. They have dedicated 20 odd years to a company or more so for that alone, respect!


Day 1: ‘I’m going to take over and run this world.’

10 months later: *Reality sinks in* ‘It’s going to take me ages before they even give me a proper job to do.’

The cute European guy behind the subsidy coffee counter

Actually I’ve changed my mind! If anyone has the best job in the office it has got to be him!!! Free breakfast, lunch and leftovers.


17:00 is always home time and who can blame them! No bonus, commission or overtime pay. Get the heck outta there. 17:00 – RUN!


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