Only a Recruiter will understand…

How hard can recruitment be? You have a candidate, you have a client and BOOM, the placement is made. Right? WRONG! These candidates have wives, in-laws, mortgages, babies, dogs… which can all play a factor in manipulating your candidate from signing that contract! If you have accidentally fallen into recruitment too then you will sure be able to relate to the 9 points below faced in the daily life of a professional ‘match maker.’


1.LinkedIn – Could you imagine not having LinkedIn for stalking purposes… I mean recruitment purposes? There is no easier way of sending LinkedIn messages than simply copying and pasting your pitch to every god dam person BUT remembering the golden rule! – Put in their CORRECT name. There’s nothing worse than contacting a potential and calling them Ben when you should have written Sarah… I know the feeling. Just wing it!


2. Take Adele’s advice. NEVER GIVE UP.


3. ‘Oh you work in recruitment? Can you get me a job?’ – Never gets old.


4. When there’s a dry couple of months!!! PANIC!!!

Hiring Managers to HR – ‘WHERE ARE THE CANDIDATES!’



5. Agency lunch on the house… Don’t need to ask me twice.


6. That role you closed down a week ago needs recruiting AGAIN.

  • RE-advertise
  • RE-screen
  • RE-do everything
  • RE-ality


7. When the Hiring Manager wants you to reschedule the interview like it’s a 2 mins job to reorganise the whole thing! NO! STOP LONGING OUT MY LIFE & DO IT YOURSELF!


8. Hiring Manager wants you to write a job description for a ‘Senior Systems Support Business Insolvency IT Exchange Analyst.’


9. Background check.

Riya Write


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