When to call it quits


1). I can’t stand my BOSS

OK I get this! Trust me I do but on a scale of 1-10 how bad is he/she? Are they micro managers? Making your life a misery? Have you cried because of them? OR are they just being annoying but mean well? If it’s the latter then it really isn’t all that bad. Majority of us much prefer our boss to be OOO rather than working beside us anyway so that’s normal but if they are affecting you to the point of you not wanting to come into work then there’s a problem! That’s not normal. Try all options before you call it quits!

  • Arrange a meeting! – Talk them through solutions, be practical and keep positive.
  • Speak with HR.
  • Have you considered applying to a different team rather than leaving the company?

Don’t be rash! Talk to your partner, friends and trusted colleagues about your situation before you feel it’s time to move on.


2). New Opportunity

It’s good to be an opportunist and wanting to better yourself and sometimes moving to another organisation is the only way forward if you feel there is no room for progression. Ask yourself why you are leaving your current company for this new opportunity though…

  • Is it really a step up?
  • Have you proved yourself in your current company to be leaving so soon?
  • Have you made a difference in your current company? – changed/implemented processes that work? etc

All this takes time and jumping ship may put you back a step rather than adding value to yourself and to your CV. If you have been at your company for 2/3 years then I can see why you might be etching to move but 4/5 months – sleep on it! You also don’t want to be moving company for the same position each time! After a while it all becomes ‘same old same old.’


3). Money

Money isn’t everything but then again we do work for it so moving for the extra quids can be the ultimate decision maker without weighing up other factors. Before you quit and organise your leaving do consider how much of a rise it really is…

  • Does it justify the extra long commute if you have one?
  • Working hours? (Salary divided by the hours).
  • What extra perks/benefits do you get?
  • Did you get good vibes from your boss/team members?

This can make the move financially worthwhile. After all you want to be better off not worse off.


4). Career Change / Travel

DO IT! There’s never going to be a right time when it comes to leaving your comfort zone! Sometimes we all need to break away from the routine, certainty and spreadsheets to lead a more fulfilling life. Go and explore, meet new people, face different challenges, chase sunsets… Live your life! You must have thought long and hard about this if you are considering it. If it doesn’t work out you can always come back! ‘Better an oops than a what if’ 😊

Riya Write

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