Hey beautiful pps!

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2020 - new decade and all of that jazz. I do feel my new decade started 3 years ago when I turned 30. That was a start of entering a whole new 10 years of my 30's and saying bye bye to my 20's. It makes sense though right? 

So who else has turned into a night owl? I've had some time off work and my body clock is now suited to somewhere in Arizona. That period between Christmas and New Years Eve should have a name. It's like an over indulgent of yourself, food and non-stop you-tubing. Make-up tutorials can get so addictive and my recent obsession has been planes. All of a sudden I need to know what happened to that Malaysian flight that 'disappeared' which lead me to watch another documentary on Kevin Sullivan's miraculous landing on a faulty plane, which then lead me to watch the Hudson landing by Sully... and it's a never ending spiral. I feel so knowledgeable that I could be a co-pilot, actually I lie, I could never do that job. If I was sitting next to Captain Sully during the Hudson incident I would never be able to remain calm... And to think it all happened because of Candidan Gooses - like watch where you're going!!! Anything aviation related I wana know because … it's far more fascinating than my day job! lol. Just for 1 day I would love to interview a pilot rather than a Dentist. How interesting would the interview be! 

I have another travel blog which is pending right now... It should have been a Christmas special but my plane obsession got pretty serious lol.. I will be posting this soon so you can see the wonderful Prague!


Love you all xxx