Hey beautiful pps!

I hope it's not too late to wish you 'A Happy New Year!' It's been a quiet January but I've liked it that way and I somehow managed to escape the blues! Anyone have any interesting new year resolutions? I hope trying riya chai is on your list lol! I either have my chai early mornings before I go to work or late at night after my dinner. I love just curling up into the sofa with a cuppa in my hand and enjoying those 10mins in peace.  

If you are not a chai drinker then you can also put a teaspoon of the spice into your coffees, lattes and milkshakes! It's yum! I took a jar into work and it revolutionised how one should have their hot beverages at work! Which reminds me I must take another jar into the office! If you are interested in trying a sample or buying a jar then please get in touch - riyawrite@gmail.com/riyachai@outlook.com 

Check out the Riya Chai tab, it's new 🙂