Hey beautiful pps!

If you are not a fan of Love Island then you might just wana skip this section now lol! What has happened to us in the UK? We have gone Love Island mad and it just seems to get better and better every year! I do feel we are slightly sadistic though... we just love watching people fall in love, get bored of them and then love it when there's drama between them... hmmm that is what love island is about, 'the ultimate test!' after all (*Sophie's Laugh*)! Office conversations must be interesting... I work from home a lot so miss out on the LI chats/debates but I'm not complaining. WFH has literally changed my life! Of course I'm in my PJs, laptop on my lap and day time TV in the background. I mean who doesn't want to hear a Piers Morgan rant, no different to being in an office half the time lol! If any of you's work from home I wana hear how you spend your day? Do you miss the office environment? Are you more productive? get in touch please!!! Maybe we could work together 🙂 

Love you all xxx