Office Christmas Party

‘O Holy Night’

…. So it’s that time of the year again in the office, CHRISTMAS! Secret Santa, jumper day and wait for it (drum rolling) YES you’ve got it! THE OFFICE PARTY! I have had many jobs to experience several different Office Christmas Parties and in 2015 I went to two 🙂  The trend every year whichever company you’re from is exactly the same! It’s in our human nature to behave the way we do!!! Let’s begin…

  1. Expect the girls to wear no make-up during office hours, then they turn up like…

… and no one recognises them!

  1. FREE BAR! ‘I’ll be getting that round then.’ – Joke never gets old!

Anna Chlumsky Bar GIF by Veep HBO - Find & Share on GIPHY

  1. THE DARK HORSE! That guy from accounts who is dead all year but then comes alive at the Christmas Party!

4. Buffet Time!






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