Celebrating 3 Decades

2017 was always going to be a special one because it’s the year I turn 3-0! Being a 90’s kiddo I can honestly say how times have changed without sounding too old. It was the generation of out door play instead of ipads, 2D instead of 3D and I remember a lot of junk food before the nation went all healthy eating on us! So raise your glass to all those born in the year 1987! – The year of the rabbit, Margaret Thatcher’s third election and Tom cruise’s wedding. This blog is for you!!!

The two programmes that would shut me up as a child!

I remember going to the cinema to watch this…

… And this

Who collected The Spine Chiller magazines? I remember my

neighbour was way ahead of me on this.

Glow in the dark stickers were SO IN and even cooler with casper the friendly ghost!

Forget Game Of Thrones! We had Game of LIFE!

Before we all swiped left…

I had a lora lora fun watching Blind Date! No joke, me and my Grandma used to watch this together and she thought that the couples would get married after, ha! She never liked watching the OAP on there though! – wonder whether she secretly wanted to have a go!

Also am I the only person that watched singled out? It was presented by Richard Blackwood and they would always chant ‘you got-ta go, you got-ta go,’ to the rejects. Ring a bell?

90’s Lyrics … So meaningful 

Why did this even exist?

How every kid spent their half an hour! kelly kapowski was sucha babe!

I owned around 7 spice girl t-shirts  and proudly wore them like it was Louis Vuitton!


Me and Kevin Richardson were going to get married… he just didn’t know it back then!

Multiple question quiz on teletext anyone? lol

Seeing brown people on TV for 5 seconds was exciting but a whole show dedicated on us was something else.


What an inconvenience! This took up a quarter of  my parents’ bedroom and not to mention the

massive boss chair to go with it…  

… but it did provide us with these badboys! Solitaire and Jezzball were so addictive! 

My diet consisted of… 

I never eat a penguin without reading the lame joke, ha! One thing I have in common with the generation now is KINDER SURPRISE! I got my grandma into munch bunch and koka noodles and she was hooked lol!  

Remember how everyone thought they were girls at first haha! 

‘oompa doopa dapada’

The look we loved!!! #butterflyclips


I took my Barbie to India with me and everyone was so fascinated by her!

Who could do the baby in a cradle with the yo-yo?

Remember that pointless Alien which never grew?  IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GROW!


Before they went BUST…

Let’s read…

After school and morning pleasures! 

The panda in Sooty & Co was so mature for her age lol 

Riya Write


  1. I loved reading this piece – especially the pictures. As someone born in ’96 I still could relate to some of this haha.

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