Valentines Day – ‘Je ne sais quoi!’

Whether you go all out this time or have a quiet one you can still make Valentine’s day special by adding a little ‘je ne sais quoi!’ And it doesn’t have to be expensive at all! It’s the simple things in life which makes all the difference and brings you love birds closer together …

1). Breakfast in bed

It kinda sucks that Valentines falls on a work day this year! Early mornings are bad enough! Trust me I know! 6:45 alarm turns into 7:10 snooze pretty much every working day morning for me, but realistically how long will 2 pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice take to serve? 2/3 mins max and with a heart shape twist, an extra 1 min! DO IT!

Make your Valentine smile and spread on that jam, nutella, peanut butter and some luuuurve!



2). The ROSE HUNT game

The same way you would do an egg hunt why not do a rose hunt around the house! Write really cute personalised questions/riddles and leave a bunch of love heart chocolates everywhere in the house until they find the chocolate roses! 😊

Sainsburys is the place to go for this! They do the best heart and rose chocolates at this time of the year!

You could buy a dozen of these!


3). Write a love-ly something

I know it sounds like cheese but it doesn’t have to be an actual love letter, song lyrics, Shakespearean or anything of that sort. Simply grab a pen, a piece of paper and write 10 things why you love her/him and leave it under their pillow! Trust me, you will enjoy the warm cuddles in return!

Let me know how you get on 😉

Riya Write

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